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Seth bought the company in 2006 and transformed our once retail store into the service organization it is today! As President, he leads our company into the future with his vision and strong technical background. Don't be surprised if you get emails all hours of the night; the only time he isn't working is during the little bit he sleeps!


Nicole started part-time at Computer St. Louis in 2006 to help with the bookkeeping, but now works in every aspect of the company as the Operations Manager. She holds the management team accountable and is the glue of the organization, holding everything together. When she's not at work, she stays busy with her three kids.


Rico joined our team back in 2010. He’s had many roles in the company and has grown with us. Today he is our Project Manager, he insures all our projects are delivered as promised. He came to the United States to go to college and decided to stay and raise a family here. He's a very hard worker and has been known to work all hours of the night.



Caleb got his start early, switching floppy discs on the family PC to play games. He likes that IT is always changing and evolving so he can learn new things all the time. Caleb is our Marketing Manager and enjoys mixing technology with creativity. He is always ready to lend a helping hand and is up for any challenge we throw his way.


Brian's parents bought him an IBM PCjr in 1982, which started his long relationship with computers. He has worn many hats in his professional career, but being our Sales Manager is BY FAR his favorite one.


Dan has always enjoyed working with computers and acting as the IT department for his friends and family. As one of our Account Managers, Dan spends his time working hard to make sure that we are putting the best possible technologies to work for our clients! Dan enjoys the outdoors and spends his free time traveling and fishing.


Adam came to us from what is now one of our largest clients. His job as our Service Manager lets him face many challenges. He ensures that not only our clients, but also our engineering team are all working together and running smoothly. During the spring and summer, Adam cuts out early on Tuesdays to head to his golf league. Adam is by far the best golfer on our team!


Jerry joined the Computer St. Louis team back in 2007, helping out where ever he could. Today he is our Finance Manager. He enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and college football. His favorite team is the Michigan Wolverines. GO BLUE!


David came to Computer St. Louis after retiring from the US Army. He was trained in IT/Communications throughout his military career, and chose to put his Army training to work in the civilian workforce. He likes to spend time with his family, work on home projects, and go fishing.


Nik joined the Computer St. Louis team on the help desk side and has since grown into a Systems Engineer. Nik is known as one of our fast turnaround guys, if you need it done quickly, Nik is your man. Nik is an avid soccer player and even traveled to Chicago to see the playoff games.


Jeff is one of our engineers that loves the challenges that come along with new technology. He spends most of his time on-site, working hands on with our clients. He loves woodworking, outdoor activities, and old-school gaming systems.


Bonnie started in IT back in 1986. Her background originated in software development for Sears. Today she works in our accounting department and works as an admin for our software, keeping her background in development sharp! Bonnie loves the Chicago Bears and spending time with her family. She is also a talented musician that plays piano weekly at church.


Nick brings practical experience and a positive attitude to our service team. He is always willing to help out his teammates to make sure that issues get resolved quickly and correctly.


Bobby recently relocated to Missouri and isn't excited about the winter driving conditions. He enjoys motorcycles considers himself an "International Man of Mystery".


Steve has been on our team almost since the company started. He has helped out in every role imaginable and still helps us out today part time; assisting with all the technical configurations. He loves technology and enjoys riding his motorcycle whenever the weather cooperates.


Drew brings years of experience to our team and has a solution or a tool for almost every problem. He is a team player and is always happy to help.


Joe is a family man that enjoys traveling and having new experiences. As a photo-journalist for the Navy he had the opportunity to see a lot of different things and a lot of different places.


Allen became involved with computers as a child, tinkering with spare parts his father brought home. He never lost this interest, choosing to build a career in the IT world. He is an avid St. Louis Blues fan and is always up to watch a game.


In the IT game for over 6 years now, Joe is happy to be a part of the Computer St. Louis team. He and his wife enjoy travelling, board games and local theatre.


Sira is a hard-worker that never backs down from a challenge. When she isn’t learning something new at work she can probably be found hanging out with her kids and her cats.


Steve is a veteran of the AV and concert scene. As one of our Account Managers he is ready to work hard to help you find a solution that fits your needs. He fills his free time having adventures with his wife and daughter.


Sami enjoys connecting with new people enjoys serving the IT world as an Account Manager! Sami graduated from the University of Illinois, and shows her Illini pride every chance that she gets. In her free time, you can find her watching a Cardinals game, hiking with her pup, or going on a new adventure.


Branden is a quick learner, always ready to enhance his skill set with new abilities or experiences. Branden likes fast computers and even faster cars - and he brings that mindset to the office, taking care of business with speed and precision.


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Although he is one of our newer engineers, Tim is ready to tackle any challenge that comes his way. As an avid gardener, Tim is ready to care for your network as it grows and changes over time.